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Okay so....everyone knows I'm a nerdy girl, yes?

So, my favourite franchise has always been Dead or Alive. (I hardcore ship Lei Fang/Helena: elevator scene, how can you deny it?!)

Anywaaaaay. So, I was batting around youtube looking for PB options who may have girl snogging icons. When I came across a video entitled: DOA Lesbian Scene.

I clicked, and now I have to buy the horrible, horrible movie I have been warned away from by purists for this scene.

And now I also ship Tina/Christie. (And Bass is an AWESOME dad at least in this regard.)



+ Portia is in San Francisco at th Apple store, getting fixed and a new touchpad.
+ According to family's normal fortunetelling on Halloween, I'm not going to die this year.
+ Went trick-or-treating with willfully, we went as Gryffindor and Slytherin Harry Potter.
+ Nano has started, and I have no computer. Woe.
+ I didn't get the Order position for hogwartsishome but I did make Slytherin Alternate.
+ Have not been sleeping well. Damn nightmares.


My Renaissance Village by Saphyne
Country your village is in
Your village is really more of ahovel-laden mud pit
The best thing to ever happen there:Blue Flameel grew the largest turnip anyone has ever seen. People came from miles around to see it, the tourism industry grew considerably, and everyone became wealthy.
The worst thing to ever happen there:MacDonovan caught a nasty viral infection known before that day to only infect sheep. The rest of the town eventually caught it from the town prostitute, and the village was renamed "It Burns to Pee-ville"
The richest SOB in the village isprincessstarr
The tax collector isvelvetbonsai
The sheriff isshygryf
The town priest ishecticity
The town prostitute isel_em_en_oh_pee
The village idiot ishihdailyprophet
Chance that everyone will die of the plague

*giggles at the idea of willfully being a priest.*


+ I am bored, isolated, and lonely. :(

+ People keep talking to me like moving is a bad thing. I refuse to be made guilty about this, but it still makes me feel like shite, and like a bad family member.

+ I've been cleaning for two days straight

+ This makes every muscle and bone in my back go out and hurt like a mother.

+ The BPAL Halloween update is going to kill me dead. How the hell am I supposed to resist Halloween scents and literary vampire scents at the same time, and a black cherry brandy perfume named Suck It? "What are you wearing today? Oh, just Suck It." It's better than bloody Sacred Whore of Babylon.

+ Must not spend money. Money is needed for moving. Must not spend money.

+ Got sucked into Webkinz with birthday presents. Is surprisingly addictive, especially the Tetris-style game.

+ Sister is being annoying. Sister got a tattoo before me. Woe.

+ Agreed to beta Hellenistic priestess friend's book about Aphrodite and her flings before she sends it in to be published. I swear, so far it's like the Kama Sutra, wee.

+ My happy-fun-dorky-time cat-breeding-genetics game has turned nasty since quite a few people have come out of the woodwork against 'sister' breeds that share a showing scale and traits with another breed. (AKA like the breed I'm creating) saying fuck them and doing what I like anyway.

+ Twin has disappeared, but I am afraid to text her in case she is A) working or B) I might wake up her mum.

+ Have mosquito bites covering my body from going to the movie in the park. Must have been lesbian mosquitoes, 'cause they went straight for the boobs.


My birthday was really great, except for the fact that my grandmother made me eat so many sweets that when my sugar high crashed, I wanted to fall asleep. But that's how being in the family works. Luckily, I'm cooking tonight, so ciorba it is, and anyone who doesn't like it can cook their own food. Besides, I miss Romania, Even if Constana's mayor is an idiot. Catalina's terrified that he's going to turn into some Noua Dreaptă politician and try to kill us.


And I just went off-topic. Anyway, birthday was fun, yes. And I think stuff at HIH has calmed down, which pleases me. I was going to Sort but apparently there's been drama there, does anyone know what's happening with that?

Also, just because, a music meme! i used to do these all the time, and decided it couldn't hurt! I put my iTunes on random, and the first thirteen songs that played have their first lines listed below. Without using google, guess away! (This includes foreign music.)

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Turning 22, I'm turning 22

I think I'm getting old :p

Either that or I'm turning into Seanmhathair and Da. How else can I explain that I completely forgot that my own birthday is coming up on Monday, but also can't think of a single thing I want for said birthday.

That could be because I'm moving in September, and it's so mind-boggling that getting more stuff just seems like more work.

Also, people in my town are stupid, but what else is new.

Here is things I've been told will happen if I move to CA


1. I'll turn into a lesbian *gigglesnort*
2. I'll end up addicted and whoring myself out for methadone. (Srsly? With my issues with my biologicals?)
3. I'll end up broke and homeless and have to sell myself and hitchhike back.
4. I'll turn into a communist.
5. I'll get tricked into becoming a surrogate mother for 'evil gay perverts'.
6. I'll get run over by the crazy drivers (better than the cops, I suppose?)
7. I'll end up broke and begging on the embarcadero.
8. I'll gain a hundred pounds and end up on Maury as one of those people who can't leave their apartment

That's the list as suggested so far. People in my town are special.

Dear lady at Wal-Mart // Dear Da

Dear Lady at Wal-Mart,
Thank you, for informing me that I am somehow mocking the elderly by using a cane, when my leg muscles, have, at the moment, decided to curl in on themselves from not enough exercise. Thank you for informing me that I am 'too young' to need a cane and am somehow disrespectful.

It's wonderful that just because I am going on 22 I miraculously should have no problems! It really must just be leftover teenage angst or attention whoring. Because y'know, when incubators drink, the children don't feel the effects of it until they hit fifty or so, and congenital muscular dystrophy and chronic muscle weakness are just imaginary.

So glad to know I'm cured!

No love,

PS: My soon-to be eighty grandmother would love to kick your arse for insinuating that the elderly are weak.

Dear Da,

Thank you for not necessarily defending me, but being such a great person about it. I don't think Gran would have minded if you hit her, but you are right, she did raise you better.


Underwear woes

Yeah yeah, I missed some big crap in my life, like getting grazed by a moving cop car, getting threatened with a violation by said cop, and getting a twitter, but of course it's the shitty crap that makes me post.

Ever see Shallow Hal? The movie about how some wannabe playboy (Jack Black) is completely vapid and selfish and a hypnotist makes him see women not as they look, but like the way they look on the inside?

There's this scene where Gwyneth Paltrow throws gigantic underwear at him, and he doesn't understand how these underwear are so huge?

My grandmother bought me Shallow Hal underwear. They're not as-huge-as-the-movie huge, but I unfolded these things and my eyes bulged. My grandmother has been insisting on buying me new clothes for the trip to California (what, do they do a knicker check your luggage at the California border to make sure there's no holes in lace or their more than a few months old?) and she ent by dres size and bought me these plain coloured cotton underwear and kept bothering me to try it on (so she could buy more!).

So after my shower today I did. Now, I have like, zero chance of ever getting laid, but seriously, the only people that would find these huge things attractive are chubby chasers. You know, as far as my knickers go, I'd like to pretend there's at least an infinitesimal chance of being sexy.

It's actually rather fucking hilarious. I had been doing so good about my weight. I was getting hungry again, stopped weighing myself unless I was at a doctor's office, hadn't touched Wasted in over a year, even complained about throwing up constantly.

One five-pack of underwear, a phone conversation with my grandmother, menstrual hormones, and a trip to the scale later and I have 4st. 7lbs. on repeat again.

Ugh, please excuse me while I go stare at models pictures now.